The little boy was her entire world.

There was a little boy once.

So sweet.

Planted in the sunny spring

with blue skies and baby birds.

And so eager was he to please.

To his mother, he was her world.

She kissed his dimpled hands and

smoothed his ruffled hair.

She soothed him when he hurt

and comforted his cries.

She was his world too.

Until that world turned upside down.

By a man

And his promises.

And she craved that man so badly.

More and more mom withdrew her warmth.

More and more her son hid in the shadows.

The man that she craved was not a good one.

Even if she wanted to leave

She never could.

Soon, it was too late.

She was hooked.

And her sweet, bright, little boy

that she’d planted with such hopes

built a wall to guard his heart.

He built a wall to protect his body.

He built a wall to break things against it.

She could have nurtured his sweetness

instead, we look at what he has become

and it is so hard to believe.

Because I saw them together.

He was her world.

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