hope shines

Problems can be like heavy bricks on top of your prone body.

It can weigh you down.

Suffocating you of the air you breathe.

Crushing the very life from you.


Some problems can be small, minor, miniscule.

You can shrug them off of your shoulders.

While others can be bigger and much heavier.

These problems are harder to move.


To cope with the stress and pain of these burdens

some people will self-medicate

with the common poisons:

heroin, meth, alcohol, weed, cigarettes, men, women.


Anything to dull the hurt and self-hate

that tears you up inside.

Anything to silence the angry voices

that berate you and tell you you’re no good.


But… for a moment… close your eyes

and just imagine

that all your problems

are small, white, feathers.


A light breeze can blow them all off of you,

and you can watch them float off into the distance

getting smaller and smaller as they go further away

and you will be wiped clean.


My friends, problems are just problems.

They are not who YOU are.

Maybe we can fix some of the problems

and maybe not – but don’t be fixated.


We can’t just let these bricks sit on us, weighing us down.

We must not let them paralyze us, or give them too much power.

Instead, we can help each other.

One brick at a time.


We have all had moments where we are overwhelmed

and there doesn’t seem to be any hope in sight.

But hope is like the sun behind the clouds. Be patient.

Just because you do not see it – doesn’t mean it isn’t there.



And one day, you will shine again too.


 Nestlyne Barcelona

hope shines [a printable version]

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