The Traveling Baby

This story about adoption is dedicated to Benicio Hunter and Gabriel Peterson – two of the most amazing traveling babies that I know!

B: Mommy, tell me again about how I was born.

M: How you were born? Hmmmm…. Well, let’s see… you were born thousands of miles away from me.

In a different country!

Mommy had to go on a special journey to find you.

B: How did you find me if I was so far away?

Did you take a car? A plane? A train?

M: Actually, yes! I took all three. But remember, my love, everyone’s journey is different.

B: But how did you find ME when you got there?

M: Oh honey, a mommy knows her baby.

You see, my sweet, most babies grow in a mommies tummy. But you are what we call a Traveling baby.

B: What is a traveling baby?

M: A traveling baby is a baby who is planted in the heart – but grows in a tummy far away.

In your case, you traveled from my heart all the way to Bogota, Colombia!

B: Are there more traveling babies like me??

M: Oh yes, my darling. There are traveling babies all over the world!  And there are many people waiting for them.

B: Who waits for these babies?

M: A family does. All kinds of families. Every family is different. [color/gender/size/age]

In your family there was Daddy, Mommy, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, and Cousins!

When it was time to meet you, mommy flew thousands of miles across the ocean! The flight took hours and hours. I was so excited to meet you that I couldn’t even sleep.

When we finally arrived, you were waiting with nice people who watch over the traveling babies until their parents arrive.

They placed us in a special meeting room.

We were so excited we thought we would burst! We wondered if you would smile right away? Or if you would be a little scared of all the new faces? And, do you want to know a secret?  We were a little scared too. What if you didn’t like us?

But before we could even worry about that – the door opened.

The very nice people brought in this tiny, amazing, incredible bundle.

You looked at us for the first time. Do you know what you did? You smiled a great big smile.

They placed you in my arms and, my darling child, when I held you for the first time, I knew that I had found you.

When you came,  it wasn’t just a new baby that was born – it was an entire family that was born.

In that moment you traveled from my heart, to Colombia, and right into my arms. And when I held you for the first time, I knew… you were my baby.



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