The Girl with the Heart Shaped Toe

A story about being a little different.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful little girl who was born with a heart shaped toe.

Everyone in her family loved her so much, and they loved her little heart shaped toe.  They said that it made her special.

But one day at school, someone saw her toe and made mean and cruel jokes.

It made the little girl hurt, sad, and embarrassed. She hated her toe and wished she had normal feet like everyone else.

Her parents told her that everyone was born with something special. And that one day she would appreciate her uniqueness.

The little girl frowned. She didn’t think she would EVER appreciate her heart shaped toe.

One hot summer day, she and her friends went on a trip to the lake. Everyone brought their bathing suits and jumped into the water.

Even though the little girl loved to swim and was an excellent swimmer, she was too embarrassed of her toe. She didn’t want anyone to see it.

The little girl sat on the bank instead, watching all the other kids splash around. She observed a dog chasing a ball, a toddler playing on the dock, and parents chatting and having a good time.

The little girl was staring up at the clouds in she sky when she heard a little splash. The dog had chased his ball off the dock and into the water. The toddler followed him!

The water was too high for the baby. The little girl stood up and yelled at the top of her lungs, “Baby in the water!” But no one paid her any attention.

The baby was in danger, the little girl knew. So she grabbed an inner tube, jumped into the water, and swam toward the toddler.

Another parent saw the little girl go in and finally noticed what was happening. He jumped into the water too!

The man swam as fast as he could and helped the toddler up.

The man helped her up too and said, “You saved her life! How did you swim so fast for such a small person?”

How did she swim so fast?? And that’s when she noticed the man’s bare feet. Long and slender toes. They wouldn’t move through the water as easily as hers!

It’s my toe! The little girl thought. My heart shaped toe moves like a little flipper! And it makes me faster in the water!

Everyone is different in their own way. What really matters is what kind of person you are.  You can be a good person that cares about others or you can be a bully that hurts other peoples feelings.

The little girl decided she was doubly good!  Because she had a kind heart AND a little toe that was shaped like a heart!

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