Poem, “For the Wife”

I found this poem while I was going through old photos.  I wrote it 17 years ago in 2001 when I was pregnant with my second daughter.  A year earlier my husband (at-the-time) was exposed to have had multiple affairs.  I should have left him then, but I did not.  He continued having affairs in college and, eventually, HE left ME.  I found myself 6 months pregnant and a single mom to a 13-month old.  It was the most difficult experience of my life.  I never thought I would have to endure my first break up while being pregnant without a partner.

The poem is written from the point of view of how I wished my husband would elevate or revere me as his wife.  I was in my early twenties when I wrote it and it is evident that I highly romanticized the husband/wife roles.  You can also see how I placed myself beneath him, just waiting for him to appreciate me.  I was naive, a complete dreamer, and totally impractical.  I’m 40 now and my views on relationship roles are much different than they were 17 years ago.

But I really wanted to share this poem because my husband now, David, who actually helped raise the two children indicated above, is exactly the husband I wrote about.  Loyal, puts his family above everything, and he thinks the world of me.  I thought that parallel was so cool.  I wrote that poem projecting what I wanted in a partner – at a time when I was with someone who wasn’t worthy – and the universe listened.

For The Wife

Oh Lord, give me the strength.

I will always love my wife.

Before I do a thing to hurt her -

I shall lay down my life.

I shall defend her honor, and

Protect her heart from sorrow.

I wish to lay with her each night,

And rise together every tomorrow.

She is the laughter and the joy

That dwells within my soul.

Without her and my children

My life will be empty, bleak, and cold.

My wife, she loves me, even more

Than she even loves herself.

I promise to stand by her side,

And offer her my wealth.

Not the wealth that money brings -

But my wealth of life and love.

I'll put her upon a pedestal

Of which no other sits above.


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