Planner Plarties!

Having a planner party may sound incredibly boring to most people, but I love them!

What’s not to love!?!  Stickers, washi tape, beautiful pens, and pretty handwriting!

I have been using planners since the 90’s when I was recording such things as my orthodontic appointments, menstrual cycle, homework, and nonexistent dates in high school.   I was a planner aficionado even before the whole memory planner with stickers and washi tape momentum took over the planner community.  I always loved having a portable calendar of my events with tangible, physical evidence of the tasks and projects I had committed to do.  There is something extremely gratifying about checking off lists and having some semblance of control in a crazy, chaotic life.  And then there is the nostalgia of going through older planners and being awashi by memories of past records, goals, and events stored safely away within the pages.

I’m now in my forties and there are at least two things I refuse to do: 1) succumb to electronic appointment keeping and 2) go out on the town past midnight!  (The planners during my twenties I swear were written by someone I barely recognize today!)  Yes, things have changed and I’ve come to LOVE my Girls Nights In events.  This is a time where we converge over wine, stickers, and, of course, washi tape.  Together we plan our upcoming week as we laugh and enjoy one another’s company.  We look at organizational layouts on instagram and youtube, sharing plannering tips and ideas with each other.  I especially enjoy placing mini pictures in my weekly layouts using Fujifilm Instax 8.

My planner is the Monday start – Classic – undated (  I absolutely love it.  There is plenty of space for me to schedule my appointments, as well as, scribble my thoughts and/or journal.  Plannering over the weekend makes me feel like I am prepared for the week by being organized and in control.  I utilize different color pens depending on my mood, motivational stickers, and inspirational quotes.  I have enough space to schedule my work appointments, my family appointments, and my own personal goals and tasks.  Additionally, I have allotted the blank pages in the back for my finance goals and vacation planning.

But the absolute best thing that has come out of my plobby (planner hobby) is that I have actually been able to help other people!  Many different people from all walks of life!

A mom who made a noble decision and gave her infant up for adoption – she was able to plot a life direction that merged her love for her child with the promise to make better choices for herself.

A teenage girl going through an adoption herself – introducing her to planning helped her jot down her feelings and write down goals.  She is now plannering to go to college.

A friend of mine with marital problems came to a point in her life where she felt like she’d lost so much of herself along the way – she was able to plan much needed ME TIME and remember that, even in a marriage, a commitment to self is highly important.   She’d been waiting for her husband to value her – when she’d forgotten to give value to herself for so many years.

A woman going through a year long program for substance abusea was able to document her struggles as well as her achievements.  In the end, it brought her to tears to see the proof in her hands of just how far she had come.

Planning is an effective tool for organization, but it can also be extremely therapeutic.  If I ever feel like I might have a difficult time with a project at work – I actually have a sticker that reminds me “I can do it!”  I forgive myself with reminders like, “Adulting is Hard”.  And I motivate myself with stickers like “Sushi Night on FriYAY”!

It’s not for everyone and that’s ok.  But if you think that this might help you and you’re interested in trying – please let me know!  I would love to share this passion with you!  Either way, a Planner Plarty is a great way to get together with friends, drink wine, and sticker your goals into fruition!

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