Mr. Dinkles

mr. dinkles

One night, Mahana was afraid to sleep in her room.  She curled into a ball outside of her parent’s bedroom, crying softly.  Mommy came out and asked her, “Why are you crying?”

“I don’t want to sleep in my room,” Mahana told her, as she rubbed her eyes.  “I’m afraid of the dark.”

Mahana’s mom tucked her back into her bed.  “But Mahana, you have a night light.  And mommy and daddy are in the next room.  We can hear you and make sure that you are ok.”

Mahana cried more, “I’m still scared.” She flopped over on her stomach, upset that she couldn’t sleep in her mom and dad’s room, and buried her face in her pillow.

Mommy kissed the top of her head and whispered, “Good night, sweetie”.

When mommy left, Mahana peeked around and saw her Monsters Inc. nightlight.  She wasn’t afraid of Sulli, but she was still a little bit scared.  The more she thought about how scared she was… the more scared she became!  She ducked deeper into her covers.

Suddenly, something jumped out of her covers and landed on her stomach!  It was Mr. Dinkles the Dinosaur.  He was a short, chubby, baby T-Rex with big, googly eyes.  “Heyyyy,” Mr. Dinkles LOUDLY whispered in his high and annoying voice.  Mahana pushed him off.  Mr. Dinkles put his large eyes in her face.  “Heyyyyyyyy.  Why you cwying?”  (Mr. Dinkles could not say the letter “R”).

Mahana turned away from him.  “Leave me alone.  I’m scared.”

“Ske-wed?”  He looked around suspiciously.  “Why ah you ske-wed?  You can’t be ske-wed.  Do you know why?”

Mahana shook her head, no.

Mr. Dinkles jumped on top of her and opened up his tiny t-rex arms and shouted, “Because Mistoh Dinkles is hewe!  And I am supa dupa fast!”

To show her just how fast he was, Mr. Dinkles ran around in fast, tiny circles around Mahana’s bed.  Circles, after circles, after circles.  “Look how fast I am!” he shouted, as he ran out of breath and fell over in a tired heap.

Then he jumped back on top of her knees and made muscles with his tiny, chubby, little arms.  “And I am supa dupa STWONG!”  To show her how strong he was, he picked up a little doll pillow and smashed it to his right! POW!  And then he smashed it to his left! SWOOSH!

And then he jumped on top of it!  Stomping! And Crashing! And… boing, boing, boing… WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  (He did a little back flip.)  Mr. Dinkles giggled.  Mahana cleared her throat.

“This is why you shouldn’t be ske-wed.  Because you have me!  And I am supa dupa fast, supa dupa stwong, and, you know what?”

“What?” Mahana asks.

“I has a secwet powoh.”  Mr. Dinkles runs up to the Monster’s Inc nightlight and he LOUD whispers, “Wawwwwww.”  He shakes his tiny arms up and down and says it again, “Wawwwwwww!!!!!”

Mahana thinks that Mr. Dinkles is roaring.

“You do it!” He tells her.


Mr. Dinkles fell over.  “That was a good one!” He laughed.

And together they roared into the darkness until Mahana wasn’t scared anymore.  “Mr. Dinkles?”


“You’re supa dupa awesome.”

“I know.”

And together they fell into a peaceful dinosaur-filled sleep.

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